List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya PDF (CM List)


Chief Ministers of Meghalaya PDF (CM List)

List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya PDF.Here you will find CM of Meghalaya 2021.Current Chief Minister of Meghalaya.Chief Ministers are important for the State examinations so here we provide PDF of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya.Generally in state exams these kind of questions asked-

  • Who was the First Chief Minister of Meghalaya?
  • Who was the Longest Term Chief Minister of Meghalaya?
  • Who was the Shortest Chief Minister of Meghalaya?

So in this article we gave all the relvalent details of Meghalaya Chief Ministers like their constituencies, in which department they worked as a minister etc.All things combined in the List of Chief Minister of Meghalaya PDF.

List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya – Meghalaya is a state in north eastern India.Meghalaya largest city and Capital is Shillong. During the British rule of India, the British imperial authorities nicknamed it the “Scotland of the East”.The List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya will give you the name of personalities serving as the Chief Ministers of Meghalaya.As we know that The Chief Minister is the executive authority of the State.The position of the Chief Minister at the state level is analogous to the position of prime minister at the Centre.The Chief Minister shall be appointed by the governor.However,this does not imply that the governor is free to appoint any one as the Chief Minister.The Current Chief Ministers of Meghalaya is Conrad Sangma.Here is the List of Meghalaya Chief Ministers PDF.

If candidates are preparing for any kind of competitive exam are advised to learn these kinds of questions to boost their knowledge.Because CM of Meghalaya is important to the general awareness section of competitive exams.These factual questions about Chief Minister of Meghalaya, their office tenure and the political party they belong to are asked in general awareness sections of most of the competitive exams like Meghalaya PSC, Meghalaya Police Constable, NVS Shillong.

As we know that the List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya is one of the most important topic section for the Meghalaya Police Constable, Meghalaya Public Service Commission, and other State Government exams. Aspirants should know the Chief Ministers of Meghalaya because it is an important topic for Current affairs.

According to the Constitution, the Chief Minister may be a member of any of the two Houses of a state legislature. Usually Chief Ministers have been selected from the Lower House (legislative assembly), but, on a number of occasions, a member of the Upper House (legislative council) has also been appointed as Chief Minister.

Next Chief Ministers Elections are scheduled to be conducted in 2022.Meghalaya Current Chief Minister is Conrad Sangma.

The oath of office to the Chief Minister is administered by the Governor of the state. Salary of Chief Minister of Meghalaya is Rs.1,50,000 lakh per month.The Chief Minister holds office for a term of five years from the date on which he enters upon his office.

List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya – Important Questions

  1. The First Chief Minister of Meghalaya was Williamson A. Sangma, who was sworn in on 2nd April 1970.
  2. The First Youngest Chief Minister of Meghalaya was Conrad Sangma (at the age of 40).
  3. The Shortest tenure Chief Minister of Meghalaya was J.D.Rymbai.
  4. The Longest tenure Chief Minister of Meghalaya was Williamson A. Sangma.

Chief Ministers of Meghalaya List

Chief Ministers Name Period
Williamson A. Sangma 2 April  1970 to 3 March 1978
Darwin Diengdoh Pugh 10 March 1978 to 6 May 1979
B. B. Lyngdoh 7 May 1979  to 7 May 1981
Williamson A. Sangma 7 May 1981 to 24 February 1983
B. B. Lyngdoh 2 March 1983 to 31 March 1983
Williamson A. Sangma 2 April 1983 to 5 February 1988
P. A. Sangma 5 February 1988  to 25 March 1990
B. B. Lyngdoh 26 March 1990 to 10 October 1991
Vacant (President Rule) 11 October 1991 to 5 February 1992
D.D. Lapang 5 February 1992 to 19 February 1993
S. C. Marak 19 February 1993 to 10 March 1998
B. B. Lyngdoh 10 March 1998 to 8 March 2000
E. K. Mawlong 8 March 2000 to 8 December 2001
Flinder Anderson Khonglam 8 December 2001 to 4 March 2003
D.D. Lapang 4 March 2003 to 15 June 2006
J. D. Rymbai 15 June 2006 to 10 March 2007
D.D. Lapang 10 March 2007 to 19 March 2008
Donkupar Roy 19 March 2008 to 18 March 2009
Vacant (President Rule) 18 March 2009 to 12 May 2009
D.D. Lapang 13 May 2009 to 19 April 2010
Mukul Sangma 20 April 2010 to 6 March 2018
Conrad Sangma 6 March 2018 to Incumbent

First Chief Minister of Meghalaya – Williamson A. Sangma (1970-1978, 1981-83, 1983-88)

The First Chief Minister of Meghalaya was Williamson A. Sangma, who held his office from 2 April 1970 to 3 March 1978, 7 May 1981 to 24 February 1983 and 2 April 1983 to 5 February 1988.He was also the first ever Governor of Mizoram among the Garos in 1989. With prior military service, he entered political field in 1952, and subsequently was elected as the Chief executive member of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC). With Satyagraha protest, Government of India precipitated and consequently on 11 September 1968, produced the Autonomous State Plan for the Garo Hills and the United Khasi-Jaintia Hills districts.In Meghalaya legislative assembly elections held in March 1972, after the new state was established, regional parties secured majority, while Congress secured nine seats out of total 60 seats in assembly.W.A. Sangma of APHLC sworn in as its first Chief Minister with majority.The State Museum of Meghalaya, founded in 1975, was named Williamson Sangma Museum.

Second Chief Minister of Meghalaya – Darwin Diengdoh Pugh (1978- 1979)

Darwin Diengdoh Pugh was Second Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 10 March 1978 to 6 May 1979 and the first Khasi person to hold the position.He was the general secretary of All Party Hill Leaders Conference (APHLC).He also served as the Headmaster of the Nichangram School in Garo Hills and Cherra Presbyterian Proceeding High School in Nongsawlia, Sohra. Pugh joined active politics in the early 1960s and was elected as member of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council in 1967–72. In 1972, he was elected on the APHLC ticket from Nongskhen constituency, bordering Bangladesh and subsequently made his maiden entry to the first state Assembly.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya – B. B. Lyngdoh (1979-81, 1983, 1990-91, 1998-2000)

Brington Buhai Lyngdoh was the Third Chief Minister of Meghalaya from (1922-27 October 2003), a state in northeastern India.He was the father of coalition politics in India.He provided opposition to Congress Party, which ruled Indian central government for most of Lyngdoh’s tenure as CM, in his state.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya – P. A. Sangma (1988-1990)

Purno Agitok Sangma was the Fourth Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 1988 to 1990 and who served as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha from 1996 to 1998.In 1973, Sangma became Vice-President of the Pradesh Youth Congress in Meghalaya and became the General Secretary of the party in 1975.He served in that position from 1975 to 1980. In 1977, he was elected to the 6th Lok Sabha from Tura in Meghalaya and was re-elected from the same constituency multiple times. He represented the Tura constituency in multiple Lok Sabha sessions – from the sixth Lok Sabha session to the eight Lok Sabha session.He became Speaker of Lok Sabha in 1996.He was the candidate for the 2012 Indian presidential election, however he lost to Shri Pranab Mukherjee, who became the 13th President of India.He was awarded a posthumous Padma Vibhushan in 2017 becoming the first recipient of Padma Vibhushan from Meghalaya.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya – D.D. Lapang (1992 -1993, 2003-06, 2007-08, 2009-10)

D.D.Lapang was the Fifth Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 1992-93, 2003-06, 2007-08, 2009-2010.who served as 4 terms as a Chief Minister of Meghalaya.He started his life as a road labourer and worked his way up become Sub-Inspector of schools. His father’s name was Donwa War. In 1958, he married Amethyst Lynda Jomes Blah.In 1972 he became MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) from Nongpoh as an independent candidate. And later in 1992 to February, 1993 he was the state Chief Minister.On 4 March 2003 he was again sworn in as Chief Minister.He resigned from the position on 15 June 2006 due to dissidence in the coalition government.He became chief minister for a fourth time on 13 May 2009, after the state was under President’s Rule for two months, and resigned on 19 April 2010.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya – S. C. Marak (1993-1998)

Salseng C Marak was the Sixth Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 19 February 1993 to 10 March 1998.He is a senior leader of Indian National Congress in the northeastern state of Meghalaya. He attended Kolkata’s Scottish Church College.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya – E. K. Mawlong (2000-01)

Evansius Kek Mawlong was the Seventh Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 8 March 2000 to 8 December 2001.He was the main architect in the formation of the United Democratic Party in Meghalaya and was its Founding President.He was first elected to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly in 1978 as an independent representing the Umroi constituency.He was re-elected from the Umroi seat in 1983, 1988 and 1993 state legislative elections as a member of the Hill State People’s Democratic Party.He also served as the General Secretary of the HSPDP during this period till September 1997.Best Citizen of India awarded by the International Publishing House, New Delhi in the year 2000.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya – Flinder Anderson Khonglam (2001-2003)

Flinder Anderson Khonglam was the Eighth Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 8 December 2001 to 4 March 2003.Khonglam was the second independent legislator to serve as the Chief Minister of any Indian state in history.He represented the Sohra (Cherrapunji) constituency in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly for almost twenty years.He was re-elected in to the Meghalaya Assembly in 1993 as an independent.He became Chief Minister through the support of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), led by P. A. Sangma, which formed a coalition government with the Congress Party.He died on 22nd May 2012.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya – J. D. Rymbai (2006-07)

J.D. Rymbai was the Ninth Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 15 June 2006 to 10 March 2007.He entered active politics in 1983 and contested elections to the legislative assembly of Meghalaya on the Congress party ticket from the Jirang constituency successfully. He was re-elected as MLA of Jirang three times consecutively in 1993, 1998 and 2003.In 1993, he was elected the speaker of the Meghalaya Assembly. Since 1998, he has held charge of several ministries in the government.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya – Donkupar Roy (2008-2009)

Donkupar Roy was the tenth Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 19 March 2008 to 19 March 2009.He was the head of the United Democratic Party, a political party recognised in Meghalaya.On 19 March 2009, exactly one year into his term, the government was dismissed and the state was put under President’s Rule.Under Conrad Sangma government, he was the speaker of the assembly.He died due to multiple organ failure at Medanta Hospital in Gurugram at the age of 64.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya – Mukul Sangma (2010-2018)

Mukul Sangma was the eleventh Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 20 April 2010 to 6 March 2018.He is the current Leader of Opposition in Meghalaya Legislative Assembly. In 1993, Sangma was elected to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly from Ampatigiri constituency as an independent candidate, following which he was appointed as the Chairman of the Meghalaya Transport Corporation.Sangma was re-elected to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly in 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013 as a representative of the Indian National Congress candidate.He also laid the foundations for the Shillong Government College of Engineering, the first engineering college in the state of Meghalaya.

Chief Minister of Meghalaya – Conrad Sangma (2018 – Incumbent)

Conrad Sangma was the Twelveth Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 6 March 2018 to Incumbent.He assumed presidency of the National People’s Party in 2016 after the death of his father and former Chief Minister P. A. Sangma.He was also the Member of Parliament from Tura (2016-2018).In 2008, Sangma became the youngest Finance Minister of Meghalaya.He is the Son of Purno Sangma was a former Chief Minister of Meghalaya and Speaker of the Lok Sabha.He is the Current Chief Minister of Meghalaya.
List of Chief Ministers of Meghalaya PDF (CM List)

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